In the Beginning Blues – International Jazz Day

Here is In the Beginning Blues – in celebration of International Jazz Day April 30:

International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is celebrated globally April 30 every year. It was initiated by UNESCO in 2011. And celebrated for the first time 2012. Jazz pianist, composer and educator Herbie Hancock serves as an UNESCO ambassador and fronts the day. The international JAzz Day is celebrated with concerts around the globe. Additionally, there are internet events, radio shows and so on.

In the beginning Blues

My contribution this year, is a music video where I play with two great, internationally renowed jazz musicians: Tord Gustavsen on piano and the late Jon Christensen on drums. The music was originally released on Love, The Blues, PGCD 115 (2008)

With the title of the song, In the Beginning Blues, I do not imply an evolutionistic view of jazz, such as first was blues, then came jazz. Rather, I think of blues as a state of mind, certain experiences, and a place for human creativity and resistance. Indeed, blues is a big part of the jazz tradition. I wish you a happy and blessed Jazz Day. But whatever yoy do, make sure you listen to some jazz!

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International Jazz Day. Official website for International Jazz Day
Oppstandelsesleiken. This song features two other great musicians, Oddrun Lilja on guitar and Ellen Brekken on bass

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