Oppstandelsesleiken – Music for Easter

Watch the video premiére of Oppstandelsesleiken (Nature Rising)! With me are two outstanding musicians, Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir on guitar and Ellen Brekken on bass:


Yes, «Oppstandelsesleiken» is a norwegian title, and it does not quite translate into english. The first part, oppstandelse, refers to the resurrection. The second part, leik, literally means «play». But in the musical tradition of Gudbrandsdalen it also refer to a certain musical dance-form, the springleik. The english subtitle of this song is thus not really a translation, but adds a new layer of meaning.

Nature Rising

For centuries, people have interpreted the mysteries of life through what they experience in the nature surrounding them. So also theologians. The rising of the sun, and the awakening of nature after a long winter has been understood as nature’s way of witnessing the paschal mystery and the lifegiving hope of the resurrected Christ. I wrote the song years ago as part of an Easter sermon in Tøyen Church, Oslo. For me the song is a celebration of the paschal mystery as I experience it in my life. Also, it express a hope that nature – as humans are part of and dependent upon, but also have exploited and destructed – will rise and be restored with the Resurrected Christ

Happy Easter!

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