Here is a small sample of music videos I have made over the years, from videos promoting albums to audiovisual compositions to concerts.

Official music videos

Blant Dronninger og profeter (Queens and prophets). An award-winning video for the featured single to the album “Kyrkja”:

Blood and Tears. Official video for the album “Listener’s Blues”:


Soundvisions is a continuously growing collection of visual and musical works. It started out as a creative challenge, a way to overcome writers block. Over time it has become a medium for exploring visual and aural ideas in a video format, often relating music nature and spiruality. They are published on my YouTube Channel. Here are a few exsamples:

God’s child. A Christmas meditation (2022) A very personal composition, made as I began enjoying life, the sea, the sun and company of people after a long period of darkness

Solefallslåtten (Halling at sunset). I made this song after a very inspiring outdoor concert with Mari Boine. Here I am joined by Solveig Vatn Weisser on langeleik (dulcimer).

It might as well be Springleik. A dance tune in the form of “springleik” (Gudbrandsdalen) inspired by”the lick”. “The lick is a figure frequently heard in jazz improvisation and popular music. This composition is dedicated to Adam Neely, a bass player and music pedagogue who played The lick continuously for five hours!

Concert videos

A whole concert with me and accordeonist Jo Asgeir Lie. From Nordaccordeon, Voss 2021: