Welcome to my new website!

Oh yes – finally! Welcome to my new website!

Well, it is not totally new, but thoroughly revamped. I have had my own homepage for over 20 years. This latest edition is overhauled to make it easier for you to access my music.

On this site you can find out more about me, my music and projects. I will keep you posted on upcoming concerts and new projects. I regularily post freshly made music just for you, and you can even download sheet music for my most popular compositions. And please, check out my fresh album, Kyrkja» which you can listen to here

You can leave a comment if you wish, even book me for a concert or event.

I hope you will visit my new website regularily and stay updated with my music, tours and projects. You might also want to join me on social media and are welcome to do so by clicking one of the icons on the right.

But, as fun as it is to stay in touch digitally – What I really want is to play and share music with you. I play music for life! Also, as as my favourite musician Albert Ayler stated: Music is the healing force of the universe!

Stay tuned!

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