sheet music

Here is sheet music for some of my compositions. Feel free to download and play the songs. Mind my copyrihts if you play them in public or record them.

Songs I have recorded

Creole Nights. A Blues, inspired by the hot, humid nights of New Orleans. Recorded by Caledonia Jazzband
Flesh Made song. A Christmas Dance, recorded with Tord Gustavsen on piano Love, the Blues
Freedom Calypso, written in 1983, this is one of my first compositions. Inspired and dedicated to South African leader Nelson Mandela. Recorded by Caledonia Jazzband in 1985 and me in 2016
Hjertelaget, The title is impossible to translate. This waltz is a a gift o the heart to the wonderful people and musicians in Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag, with whom I played for many years. Recorded with Tord Gustavsen on piano on Indigodalen.
Nardus, A song I wrote dedicated to paperless immigrants, inspired by a story of a woman annointing the feet of Jesus.
Ringereven, A schottis, also dedicated to my friens in Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag. A popular song back in the day
Hommage a Sidney B. As the title says, a musical tribute to the one and only clarinettist and soprano saxophon player Sidney Bechet.
Street People, dedicated to people of the streets everywhere, people living on the streets and street culture. Recorded by Caledonia Jazzband
Vakraste brura. Lyarslått. Skrevet til den vakraste brura.
You 1985, One of my most played songs! A melancholic, folklike love song recorded twice by Caledonia Jazzband, in 1987 and 2009

Meditation for Ash Wednesday. A piece for solo bass clarinet.