album cover, Carl Petter Opsahl Kyrkja

New album out!

Oh yes! I have a new album out. I recently released my sixth solo album, “Kyrkja”. And it has already garned a lot of attention internationally. Europe Jazz Network has just named it as one of the hottest album out right now! And I am in a very good company, together with Xhosa Cole, Bill Frisell, Anders Jormin and Keith… Read more →

Sang for Tigray Portrett

Cry from Tigray

I wrote the song Cry from Tigray in solidarity with the people of Tigray, living under unbelievable cruel conditions. War, famine and drought has revealed this area for a long time. The Tigray conflict. A short introduction by Hyman Rights Watch A special thanks to Knut Aastad Bråten who lent me his langeleik (dulcimer). Read more →